Our explosive range of services

Supplier of Bulk Explosives

  • Packaged Explosives

  • Blasting Accessories

  • Electronic Detonators and Hardware

Specialised Blasting Services

  • Opencast Mine Blasting (rock blasting on or near surface)

  • Civil Blasting (drilling and blasting – construction, quarries, etc.)


Specialist Blast Consultants

  • Structure Surveys (inspecting and documenting the existing condition of structures near the area prior to blasting)

  • Blast Optimisation (blasts designed to produce fragments that will optimise all ensuing processes)

  • Blast Auditing (used to identify opportunities to improve operations along with reducing costs) 

  • Vibration & Air Blast Monitoring (done to prevent injury, disruption and damage to property)

  • Blast Designs (huge impact on the efficiency of processes, not to mention site safety)

  • Blasting Software (for blast design, visualisation of the blast, as well as analysis and management)

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